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Building a specialized line items database I was told by the client to make
improve ments, so I wove the previously built order taking and line items
databases into one. A seperate database Distribution.FP3 was left untouched.
Here's a lenghty description.
When changing from the first line items database to the new one the field
defenitions for the portals changed, as expected, but the Total
Sum(calculation) field behaved a little weird. The Total Sum field is as
follows (LineItems::Sum + Base pay - Deduction) but after changing to the
latter line items database it displayed the correct amount but only
_printed_ the Base pay part of the calculation. And here's the punchline.

The solution to this problem was to delete the Total Sum(calc) from all
layouts and put it on again! If anyone knows the logic behind this, please



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I'm programming SQL server via OLE-DB using Visual C++ 6.0 and MFC and
OLE-DB interfaces.
I have a double variable (for example 432404.00000000), with the follow
binary rappresentation:

F8 FF FF FF 4F 64 1A 41

So I preapre the query in order to update the column (the column is a

UPDATE ivap01 SET import = 432404.00000000 WHERE etc. etc. etc.

Well, if I reload this row I obtain the double value with the follow

F7 FF FF FF 4F 64 1A 41

The two binary rappresentation are different......
I know...I know....the float and real column have limited precision.
I suppose SQL server re-convert the value 432404.00000000 into float value
that could have different inner rappresentation from mine.

Well my question is:

is there a way to tell SQL server to use, in the UPDATE query, the binary
rappresentation of the double ?
So I would like to avoide its re-convertion from string to double.

Thank you.

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