Relationships using relationships?

Relationships using relationships?

Post by David Harr » Sat, 11 Jul 1998 04:00:00


        Id like to build upon information generated in a relationship with
another file, rather than extracting data directly from the related
file.  Ive been unable to figure this out, short of exporting the
joined information into a new file.  

        The problem is like this:  I relate files B to A and C to B, so far, so
good.  Now Id like to relate C to A, utilizing the existing
relationships of C to B and B to A (i.e. the connection of C to A is
indirect).  Intuitively, this seems like a logical "sequential
relationship."  Can someone suggest a way to do this using FMPv4?  

        The only other solution Ive come up with is to export records to a new
file (call it D) containing the related information from files A and B,
and then relate C to D.  My apologies if Ive missed this in the
documentation I have available.  Thanks in advance.


1. Doubt with relationship to the relationship?

I am creating a base of data and I came across the following situation:

tables and primary keys

opinion: numeroParecer, codigoFuncionario
notification: numeroNotificacao, numeroParecer
autoInfracao: numeroAutoInfrancao, numeroNotificacao

In other words, they possess a relacinamento 1 x n, here everything well,
however, my reality is other.

The business rules are the following ones:

The user can begin to work in the following way depending on the file that

rule 01: employee, to seem, notification
rule 02: employee, to seem, notification, autoInfracao
rule 03: employee, notification
rule 04: employee, autoInfracao

Being like this, he can begin the work in the four ways above mentioned,
then, I cannot create a relationship 1 x n.

The one that I did and would like to know if it is correct and the

1st Left the tables to Seem, Notification and AutoInfracao only with your
respective primary keys (they don't possess foreign key)

2nd created a relationship n x m among Seeming and notification inserting
the following keys would excel:
NumeroParecer, numeroNotificacao and codigoFuncionario

3rd created a relationship n x m between notification and employee inserting
the following keys would excel:
NumeroNotificacao and codigoFuncionario

That is correct, because this way the user can begin to work in the way that
more it suits with the reality.

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