FMPro for document management via TWAIN image acquisition

FMPro for document management via TWAIN image acquisition

Post by jgfaughna » Sat, 16 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I'm interested in using FileMaker Pro as a personal (home, SOHO) image
management system. I'd scan images and insert them into containers. The
result with FM Pro 5 should be accessible via the home intranet to any
web browser. I can then create my own metadata, search forms, etc.

Quick searches found no FMPro newsgroup postings on TWAIN scanner image
acquisition and insertion in recent archives, and very little on the
web. One small vendor has an image acquisition plug-in (Windows version
beta, Mac version 1.x) that handles TWAIN sources:

Troi Grabber <>

Anyone with experience? Any interest in this project? As I learn more
I'll add it to this web page:
<>. (As of Oct. 15, 1999
there's very little there yet.)

[meta: scanning, TWAIN, image, document management, web, intranet, LAN,
SOHO, FileMaker Pro, Windows, Macintosh, browser, thin client,
metadata, indexing, database jfaughnan, jgfaughnan, english, .en-us]

John Faughnan <>
jfaughnan AT mindspring DAWT com

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