Paradox [4.5,5.0][WIN] - Memory bug sol'n

Paradox [4.5,5.0][WIN] - Memory bug sol'n

Post by Scott Channell, 23652, 74-25-4 » Fri, 17 Mar 1995 03:42:46

Problem  : Heap/Stack over-run in TextStream I/O
Solution : Can be caused by overflowing the TextStream buffer
        add WriteLine() call(s) more frequently

Comments :
        Well, after much thrashing with what I had thought was
        a table search bug, it turns out that Paradox (most likely)
        doesn't flush TextStreams until a End-Of-Line condition
        is reached. If you have TextStream I/O and you exceed the
        stream buffer size you can see your variables (stack-space),
        data (heap), or even code (code-space) being corrupted.
        This may (or may not) crash the Paradox/Windows session.


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