PW5 programming job offered - Los Angeles

PW5 programming job offered - Los Angeles

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Full-time position with a small insurance company, in business

Dave Ellis
Manager, Information Services
Los Angeles City Employees Association
Los Angeles, CA 90013


1. (Job Offer) Programmer Wanted (Los Angeles)

The USC Entertainment Technology Center is seeking a qualified
computer programmer to work on custom projects for the Hollywood
entertainment production industry.  We offer a very relaxed and
rewarding environment while being involved in state-of-the-art
networking, interfacing, and database projects.

Applicants MUST have strong relational database programming and
administration skills (Sybase or Oracle), as well as extensive
experience in Visual C++.  Familiarily with HTML, Java, Visual Basic a

Salary commensurate with experience.

Please send resume and salary history to:

Dr. Thea Iberall
Director of Research and Lab Services

Thea Iberall, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Research and Lab Services
Entertainment Technology Center         Phone:  (213) 743-1605
University of Southern California       FAX:    (213) 743-1803
734 W. Adams Blvd.                      Pager:  (213) 350-8263
MC 7725
Los Angeles, CA. 90089-7725



Entertainment Technology Center
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