Help! Need local paradox 3.5 consutant asap

Help! Need local paradox 3.5 consutant asap

Post by Xlas » Tue, 23 Sep 1997 04:00:00

please help.

i need access to a paradox 3.5 consultant/expert for a temporaray
assignment located in new york city.  anyone eager to earn some extra

thank you.


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Knowing absolutely bugger all about databases in general, and even less
about Paradox 3.5 (DOS), I hope one of you guys out there can help me.

My father's business relies on his old Paradox 3.5 (DOS) database. He used
to run this under Win 3.11 on an old 386. About two years ago I managed to
set him up on a Pentium 90 and Win 95.

His records consist of Customer details, vehicle details, service history
etc. I believe someone may even have written scripts which extracted
specific data from the database, such as reminders to be sent out to
customers who's vehicle's are due their annual inspection.

Whilst we managed to get the system to work, I think I would be much happier
if he was working in an all windows environment.

I'll admit again, I know less than nothing about databases, so if these are
questions, then please bear with me.

1. Is there a Win95 release of Paradox that can read his database in with
the minimum of fuss?

2. Is such a task even possible?

I'm thinking along the lines of basically installing Paradox version
whatever, reading in his database and off he goes!

Like I say, these are probably pretty dumb questions.

If the above seems pretty far fetched, then any clues on what is likely to
be involved to get him going?

Any and all help appreciated. Thanks in

Rez Manzoori
-Roller - Angel Squadron

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