Paradox ObjectPal Y2K Scanning Tools?

Paradox ObjectPal Y2K Scanning Tools?

Post by Steve Gree » Thu, 18 Mar 1999 04:00:00

> Does anyone know if there are any ObjectPal Y2K scanning tools?  I know
> there are tools like this for C and Cobol, that can actually scan the logic
> of the code.

Don't expect that tools of this sort, for *any* language, can completely do the
analysis for you.. if you know what vars and situations are appropriate in your
apps, you can scan your code, looking for that stuff, yourself.. *you*
understand the intent of your code.. a generic tool does not..

Steve Green
Corel CTech - Paradox
Diamond Software Group, Inc.
Waldorf, Maryland  USA


1. New Y2K Scanning Tool for Microsoft Access!

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