Good Quotes (jkaMpQ)

Good Quotes (jkaMpQ)

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1. help with double and single quotes, there must be a better way

Is this the way to do it?
or am I making it harder the it really is?

In an ASP page, to store the single quotes I use a function to replace
the single quote with 2 single quotes

to store a string like: msg="This is a test message "TEST" a'test"
rs("field")= fixstring(msg)

and to display it in HTML I have to:


Function FixString(str) 'replace 1 single with 2 single
                FixString = Replace(str, "'", "''")
end function

then to display it I have to replace the 2 single quotes with 1 single

function UnFixString(str)       'replace 2 single with 1 single
        UnFixString=Replace(str, "''", "'")
end function

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