Paradox7-WinFax Pro V7 DDE

Paradox7-WinFax Pro V7 DDE

Post by Scott A » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I would like to create a button on a form that will open WinFax Pro V7
and fax a report to a phone number located in a field on the form. I am
using Paradox 7.  

The relevant fields are:

Field Name                      Type            Size

Service Co. Name                A               25
Contact                         A               15
Service Co. Phone               A               14

The format for Service Co. Phone is:  (###) ### - #### .  Will I need to
convert this to ######### or ### - ### #### etc....

Does anyone have any suggestions?  

Thanx :-)


1. visBas, WinFax Pro & DDE


I seem to have almost exhausted all of my resources looking for the answer
to this problem. I am hoping that you can help me.

The program I am writing calls for a report to be created from a base of
data files. Each page of the report lists the transactions for a client
and needs to be faxed to that client. I am using VisBas 4.0 16 or 32 to
write the program and using DDE conversation to Delrina WinFax Pro, 4.0 in
order to queue and send the pages to each client.

Question and problem

Question: Do I need to create a seperate file containing each page of the
report in order to submit that report to WinFax as a file to FAX or can I
somehow submit the report to the FAX (as if it were the printer) as it is
being created.

Problem: I seem to be able to queue a list of FAXes in WinFax but I can
not seem to activate WinFax to actually send the faxes when I am done
creating the report.

Below is a sample of the DDE portion of my code thus far. I would
certainly appreciate any suggestions or sample code or points in the
direction of an answer.

This is a simple test program with a command button to start to send the
FAX and a text box to contain info to be sent and to provide the link. I
use a second textbox to display the status. I could send the actual

 Private Sub Command1_click()
    Dim Z
    Dim S0 As String
    Text1 = ""
    STATUS = ""
    If Text1.LinkMode = 0 Then
        S0 = FindWindow(0&, "Delrina WinFax PRO")
        If S0 = "0" Then
            Z = Shell("D:\WNWF\FAXMNG.EXE", 4)
        End If
        Text1.LinkTopic = "FAXMNG|TRANSMIT"
        Text1.LinkMode = 2
        Text1.LinkItem = "Sendfax"
        On Error GoTo com_000
        Text1.Text = "recipient(""9700718"",  """","""",""E. James
Zettlemoyer"",""First Test"")"
        Text1.Text = "fillcoverpage (""This is a test of the FAX"")"
        Printer.Print "hello there Jim"
        Text1.LinkExecute "GoActive"
        On Error GoTo 0
        Text1.LinkMode = 0
        stat1 = "successful command"
        Exit Sub
        On Error GoTo 0
        Text1.LinkMode = 0
        stat1 = "No Success"
        Exit Sub
    End If
    Text1.LinkMode = 0
End Sub

Thank you for help
Jim Z.

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