Table "dimension" problem

Table "dimension" problem

Post by miu.. » Fri, 21 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I loaded some data into a table (about 50 fields were inported).  I have
to collect some data (its a survey) for specific questions (another 80 or
so fields have to added; I used Table Restructure).  Feaful of power failures
I had been saving my efforts about every 20 or so.  Then, when I got to
about field number 106 my attempt at saving the field roster resulted in
"An error has occurred in your application.  If you choose ignore...."

Some fields and smallish (A1 to A4), but several are larger (A20 to A70)
and I had planned to put a few memo fields in (M150).  So, all in all my 106
fields adds up to a fair few characters.  

Have I exceeded the bounds for a single table?

What are the limits, and how do I check them?  Is there a means to tell
whether a table has reached its physical limits?

Ron Crichton.

PS I'm using Windows 3.11; Paradox 5.0


1. Pivot Table with "Faked Dimensions"

Thanks to those of you who helped me understand how to
fake a dimension for analytics; what a time saver and
design improvement.

I have two analytic dimensions in each of my cubes
(Analysis1 and Analysis2).  Both dimensions have one
member "Current".  In each cube I create calculated
members so the two dimensions wind up looking like:

MTD (month to date sub total)
YTD (year to date sub total)

Prior Year (Prior year function)

This design works like a champ in the cube browser.  When
I create a pivot table, I get weird results.

Basically, in a pivot table with the two fields in the
column position, both dimensions appear, but only
the "Current" fields are shown - the three calculated
measures will not display in the table.  When you click on
the selector for each dimension, the calculated members
appear with checks next to them, but again, the aren't
viewable in the pivot table.

If you move the dimensions to the Background position, you
are able to select the calculated measures and the data
does in fact correctly display.  Again, in the row or
column positions, these calculated measures don't display.

I am using a machine with Excel 2000 - is this the
problem?  I have another reporting tool (Intelligent Apps
for Excel) and that program is able to display the
calculated measures properly.  So it seems to be an excel
quirk or deficiency.

Anyone have any advice?


Chris Locke

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