Printing form using objectpal

Printing form using objectpal

Post by Andy Utle » Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I'm using a paradox 5.0 database for my records. I use a form for data
input and a second form for printing my invoices. To trigger an invoice
print, i set up a pushbutton on my data input form, with the intention
that the current record only will be printed in an invoice format. How
do I cause the form to automatically point to the current record number?
I've tried using recNo, but as I'm new to paradox and objectPal, it's a
bit confusing. Any pointers gratefully received.


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I got a note from Borland - confused me with the above original
poster - that recomended opening the form with a report variable
and printing a report this way.  Handy knowledge.


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