Question for guys in SWEDEN !

Question for guys in SWEDEN !

Post by Patrick » Mon, 30 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Does anybody know where to get PDOX V8.0 runtime ?

Tack p? f?rhand !
/Patrick J, Datech


1. new guy with new guys questions

using mssql 6.5, vb6sp5
I  have 2 questions for you wise VB gurus
1. I am trying to use adodc1.recordset.find to point to a
specific record in a datagrid. the datagrid is populated
with all records from a table. I have a seperate adodc2
that uses a query to just get a specific record. I have
bound 2 text boxes to the adodc2 records and am using
these as criteria for my search. one field in the table is
a varchar and one is a date/time. when i use find for the
number "varchar colomn" it finds that record fine, but
when i try to search by date I get error 3001. I havent
got a type mismatch error unless i start converting stuff.
heres my find:
Adodc1.Recordset.Find "broadcast_date_time = " &
2. I will get to the root of what I am trying to do here.
I have a table that lists braodcasting events, thier ID
number and the times they will be broadcast. they are
repeated through out the day so there are several records
with the same ID and different braodcast times. I have 3
adodc objects with a query in them that collects whats
playing now, next and later.  what I need now is to
collect the next 3 times it will repeat. I have a query
that will find these times:
"SELECT broadcast_date_time, Web_content_id FROM
web_temp_expsched " & _
"WHERE web_content_id = " & Textnowid.Text & _
"AND broadcast_date_time > " & Textnowtime.Text & _
"ORDER BY broadcast_date_time"
 but I have to pass the event id  through in the query for
each one to get the results. since I am now going beyond
my scope of just puting sql in the ado properties section
and getting the results. I am getting lost. I would really
like to avoid using the find method because i would then
have to move around the recordset and do a bunch of
comparisons. So i guess my real question is how do I write
a query that uses variables i have already retrieved and
display the results in a datagrid?
Thank you

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