printing Individual Form Pages <<<<<<<<<<<<

printing Individual Form Pages <<<<<<<<<<<<

Post by Mark H. Wol » Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have a multi page form that I would like to be able
to print individual pages with just the click of a button.
I am currently using the method below;
method pushButton(var eventInfo Event)
   ;myForm,   Form
   ;somePage           SmallInt
moveToPage(2)              ; moves to page 2 on this form
msgInfo("To Print","To Print a copy of your input and your
        Cert click OK on the next screen,  To Print only the
        Cert Print -Range- From 2 To 2 ")



 Is there a way to print the second page without prompting
the print menu?

Thanks in Advance

Mark Wolak


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