PDOX 5-report: 2 pages on 2 sheet with multi table datamodel

PDOX 5-report: 2 pages on 2 sheet with multi table datamodel

Post by Br.Egidio Ko » Sun, 11 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I need a report where 2 pages (DIN A5) are printed on one sheet of
paper (DIN A4), but it does not work as I thought.

The report is mad of a master and 1 detail table (as tableFrame). The
datail table may in some rare cases have more records than would fit
on one page.

The only way I could imagine the report to be able to be put 2 on a
sheet is to use Multirecord for the mastertable. And it works fine for
all the cases, when the hole record (master + all detail records) fits
on 1 page. But as soon as the detail table extends to a second page,
PDOX 5.0 stops executing the report.

Is it possible to make a multirecord Record breakable? It is always
grayed out in my case?

Or has anybody a suggestion how to solve the 2 pages on 1 sheet task?

Thanks in advance

Br.Egidio Kopp



1. Multi-record, multi-page form, Pdox 9??

Hi, folks

I have a multi-record, single page form, which works just fine. Now I
have to display more fields for every record, but I'm short of space and
have to create an additional page.

So, I have changed the form, which now consists of two pages. On page
ONE I have, let's say, records 1 - 10 and, for every record, fields A -
F. On page TWO I'd like to display new fields G - K for these same

Now, when I open the form, everything seems to be OK. The fields are
displayed on two pages as they should. The problem arises, when I skip
forward a number of records in page ONE, let's say to records 50 - 60
and then change to page TWO. On page TWO I still have the fields G - K
for records 1 - 10 (not for records 50 - 60).

While I'm navigating in the table/form, should Pdox be able to update
page TWO automatically or is it necessary to get to OPal/TCursor stuff
in order to achieve this. We have an earlier form (works OK), which is
SINGLE record, multi-page, and I don't seem to find any code there,
which would be needed to be able to navigate the table while skipping
between pages.

Am I totally missing something obvious? (As usual (??), manuals/online
help won't be of much use.)

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