Desperatly seeking Paradox 8!

Desperatly seeking Paradox 8!

Post by Kjell Riis » Wed, 24 Jun 1998 04:00:00

To everyone,

I am in an urgent need for Paradox 8. The problem is that in my country
(Norway), a copy is unavilable until 21. july! Can somebody help me out on

- desperatly seeking paradox 8 -


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Hi there to any and all who might be able to help with a Dbase 111 problem.
I'm doing a project at school and I have run in to problem with an additon
module. If I ask for assitance I loose marks, and the texts we are using
are pretty bad. The problem goes something like this: the database is supposed
to assign a number to a student joining a college, it is also supposed to add
a number to a record. It will not take this a variable( the student number)
and it assign to the student number field. I realize this is a bit vague but
I can provide the actual code.

I would appreciate any help. thanks in advance


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