How to import EPS into P4W 4.5 Graphic field?

How to import EPS into P4W 4.5 Graphic field?

Post by Alexander Wa » Sat, 24 Sep 1994 07:55:28

>: EPS is listed as a supported format for P4W 4.5 Graphic fields.  However,
>: When I try to paste an .eps file into a graphic field, the status bar says
>: "The EPS file is formatted incorrectly"  and attempts to do the same from
>: an ObjectPAL script yields the error "Trying to store incompatible data type".

>: I have tried this with several different EPS files, output from different
>: programs, (dos, windows, and unix utilities), but paradox doesn't like any
>: of it.
>and Kasey Chang answered:

>Unfortunately there are so many flavors of eps no one knows which one
>works any more...  Each Mac programs seems to have its own (Adobe flavor,
>Aldus flavor, etc.) as well as with tiff preview, without, and so on.  
>:-\  And Borland never specified WHICH flavor they like.

>I *suspect* it only takes the TIFF preview one.  Bob (Lenarcik)?  Would
>you know something about this?


You're right.  We accept only TIFF-preview EPS files.  No TIFF in the EPS,
then we refuse to import it.  We also look for a 4-byte signature at the
beginning of the EPS header, (0xC5,0xD0,0xD3,0xC6, I think), but I don't recall
the exact meaning of that at the moment.  Check your EPS file format spec.



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