Pls help! Report/Form Question : Two table frames

Pls help! Report/Form Question : Two table frames

Post by bde.. » Thu, 30 May 1996 04:00:00


This may be simple question, but I donot seem to find the answer!  Can anyone
pls help me!

My problem is:

I have 3 tables: project, budget and obligate with Contractno as the key
field in first one and contractno and FiscalYear (Composite key) on other
two!  I want to design a report based on user's selction of the some of the
fields in the table, such as contractor or name in project table and fiscal
year from other two!  Anyway,  I have created a query and a form that
supplies this info and creates the table with necessary information for the


How can I create/design two tables and other information on the report.  
Specifically I want my report to look like

COTR       :  

Project     :


In short, how can I define two table frames, in report based on single table.
 I tried to add the answer.db (second) table in my data model, and tried to
define table form that, but the only field selection it let me do is summary
operations, which I donot need!

Please help me out !

Thanks in Advance

Bhargav Desai


1. Table frames linked to table frames in a report

Is it possible to create a report which contains two linked tables e.g.
projects and estimates such that the report contains two table frames
with the estimates table being shown when there are estaimtes associated
with the project.

Project Project description
1       Blah                    
2       Blah2                  
3       Blah3                  

        Estimate        Description     Cost    }
        1               Test Est        $100    }linked to estimate 3
        2               Test Est 2      $200    }

Project Project description
4       Blah                    

        Estimate        Description     Cost
        1               Test Est 1      $200    

Project Project description
4       Blah                    
5       Blah2                  
6       Blah3                  

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