HELP! PLEASE! importing..

HELP! PLEASE! importing..

Post by Mimi Sf H » Sat, 07 May 1994 01:39:53


is there a generic way to tell paradox to go to a certain place and then have
it perform a function?

an example is:  i need to import all files in the C:\hrm directory.

my code is:    

method pushButton(var eventInfo Event)
        importASCIIVar("C:\\hrm\\*.txt", "*.db")

the result is it tells me that it cant open these files.

also,how do I tell paradox to take the 2nd line of the data and make that the
field values?

and, when I issue a findFirst, does it put me in the directory that I specify
in findfirst? or does it just execute it for that instant in time (eg: during
the procedure)?

also..when I execute a dos command from paradox, my screen goes to dos for a
split second and then puts me back in windows (it "blinks") is there any way to
advoid this blinking?


1. newbie import/export basic problem, please help please

    I am totally new to the world of Oracle and have been in the last couple
of months trying to bring up a back up Oracle server from the existing

I have made backups of all my data using exports and scripts that down the
server and backs them up to an off site tape backup service. So all the data
i have.

Both the current server and the new server im trying to bring up both have
the same amount of drives, same amount of memory. The motherboard is
different and the processors are different. The scsi cards are a little
different as well.

I am running oracle off Windows NT server and IIS. The oracle server
database serves as a back end for data imput from an ASP web page served by

Can anyone suggest a pretty much step by step procedure on how to bring up
the oracle server? I believe from the months of research and trial and
errors that the indexes, tables, tablespaces, system files, and such reside
on different drives of the server. I can pull all the data from the
Production server.

I currently have the NT server running with IIS up and working. It is
mirrored so that in case i mess up something I can restore it to the NT
server with IIS running.

Windows NT server version 4.0 service pack 6.0a
IIS version 4.0
Oracle 8.1.6

Also any recommended patches and any information is appreciated. Thank you.

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