Index out of date

Index out of date

Post by Shaun Trewee » Tue, 17 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I've written a Paradox Runtime (v5) application which is occasionally
brought to a halt by an 'Index out of date' error.  The application
is installed on several machines and not all of them seem to have this
problem.  The affected table also varies.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this problem?


Dr Shaun Treweek
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


1. Index out of date, but no index

  You're not closing your tables before you destroy the form...  --  Before
you destory the form (including the stopping of your app.) make sure you
close the tables...  This will prevent the error from occuring (EVEN if you
have the table set to active when you start your app.)

Jason Wallace
SL Software
+ACI-We are Microsoft.  Resistance is Futile.  You will be Assimiliated.+ACI-

+AD4-Delphi 3 App
+AD4-connecting to Paradox 5 Table
+AD4-using BDE.
+AD4-The Delphi 3 App corrupted the Paradox 5 Table, with the error index out
+AD4-of date.
+AD4-As I know it this can be fixed by dropping the index and then
+AD4-re-creating it, however
+AD4-the index does not currently exsist and therefore impossible to delete.
+AD4-I am really getting confussed on this one.
+AD4-Thank you for taking the time to read this

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