ASCII Fixed Import Glitch [P5]

ASCII Fixed Import Glitch [P5]

Post by Don Cavi » Sat, 22 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I am working with an ASCII Fixed Length Table with approximately 2000
records and 55 fields.  Using an Import specification that matches the
ASCII text file the import works perfectly for the first 630 records.
Then on record 631 and (each subsequent 42nd record) the import shifts
to the right one place for the record.  This shifts all data in the
table to the right one place and screws up the placement of data in the
fields for that record.  

The text fields show no extraneous characters that would cause this
import problem.  The import specification makes one key field (numeric)
as the first field. The following are a mix of Alphnumeric (up to 17
wide) and number fields.

Has anyone experienced this problem?  
Is this a bug?
If it is a bug, is there a fix or patch?

Thanks for your input

Don Cavin