Have you Gotten? 2/2

Have you Gotten? 2/2

Post by David Sherm » Tue, 20 Dec 1994 14:20:00

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HP LJ III printers.  The symptoms were: the report header
used to be missing or in the wrong font on some pages;
too few records per page were printed; etc. This has now
been corrected.

 * QMPro 1.53 * With schizophrenia you're never alone!


1. Having problems getting drill through to work correctly for ragged dimensions

I'm having trouble getting drill through to work in Analysis Services>
Darren My Dimension has 4 levels Director , Manager , Rep and Dealer
.Some directord do not have manager and so the value for manager is
null in the dimension.I have hidden the mamber wherever the value is
null to get a ragged dimension effect.

I can right click the director level and select drill down to display
the subsequent values for all memebrs of the dimension however for
directors where the managers are not present the drill down is not
possible below the level of the managers .The drill down is however
possible from the name of the level eg:
If i select drill down by right clicking on the manager name I am able
to get all the Sales Reps names for all directors including the
directs who do not have managers , hoever when i select drill down for
a director who is also a manager i connto drill down to the Sales
Person level.
The level properties at the manager level where a manager is not
present are as follows :Level depth =2
drilled down: false
parentsameasprevious :false
the level properties where the manage is present are as follows
:Level depth =3
drilled down :false
parentsameasprevious: false
and in this case double clicking enables us to drill down.

Any clues as to set the properties so that double clicking on the
first case would enable us to drill down?Would setting the level
number to 3 for the directors where the manages are nulls enable us to
get this functionality if so how can we do so?

Thanking you in anticipation....


level names      Data values   Properties(level name)
VP name             SK         1
director name       MK          2
manager name        STK         3
sales rep name      CW          4
dealer name         INTC        5

level names      Data values   Properties(level name)
VP name             SK         1
director name       BM          2
manager name        NULL        2
sales rep name      AG          4
dealer name         BMW        5

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