migrating DOS Paradox v3.5 to DOS Paradox v4.5 under Win3.x

migrating DOS Paradox v3.5 to DOS Paradox v4.5 under Win3.x

Post by Christopher F » Mon, 01 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>> Anyone ready to help????

Source: DOS v6.2,          DOS Paradox v3.5, 4MB RAM laptop
Target: DOS v6.2/Win3.1,   DOS Paradox v4.5, 4MB RAM laptop

we want to run our DOS Paradox app under Windows with as little
aggravation as possible!  We are simply trying to enable our users to
utilise other apps under windows.  Our app will continue to run in a
DOS session once we migrate the v3.5 app to v4.5 .
We will imgrate our app to Win Paradox LATER!  
Currently, we simply want to get to Windows ASAP...

How do we do it?
Any problems?
Anyone done it?
What are the issues?
How do we optimise our performance?
How do we get to exploit (all) the 4MB?
Any known bugs/problems/workaraounds/etc.?

Chris Fox
(New Zealand)

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migrating DOS Paradox v3.5 to DOS Paradox v4.5 under Win3.x

Post by Steve Gree » Tue, 02 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Chris: you can port your 3.5 apps to 4.02 Compatible
Mode as-is, and run smashingly well under Windows..
no muss, no fuss.. just Rebuild and Restruct the tables
and recompile the libs.. 4.5 FullScreen Mode requires
a bit of tweaking to look comfortable.. but you really
need to bump up those machines to 8 meg.. a typical
4 meg machine leaves 2 to 2 1/2 meg for Pdox to work
with, and that sometimes isn't enough for a fullblown

Steve Green - Diamond Software Group - Waldorf Maryland USA
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represent Borland International in any official capacity.



Hello, I have recently taken over the maintenance of system. Most of the
users are on WINDOWS 95 or NT and it runs fine for them.

A few stragglers are still under DOS (WIN 3.1 3.11) but running outside
Windows. There are occasional problems with GP00 exceptions that people
running under WIN 95 and NT do not have.

I think its a base memory problem (below 640). The system has what I
consider to have a number of bad programming practises that is causing the
problem. I also think that WIN 95 and NT will give Paradox 640K. While
under DOS it just gets what's left. If this rationale is true If I were to
run under WIN 95 for long enough I would get the problem there as well. So
far I have not hit the problem.

The system is quite old and is being rewritten but from looking at it
there seems to be some bad practises which may be causing the problem.

Areas for concern include:

1. large numbers of tables open at anyone time as many as 16 or even more

2. global arrays and variables that do not appear to be released when
finished with

3. a few procedures that are as large as 30K. Its actually when one of
these procedures that is called recursively that the problem seems to
occur. But the Paradox manual says that it can call almost unlimited
procedures as it swaps them out.

4. It also runs under the workshop. Well the main menu does. Could this be
the cause of the problem?

Because the system is old, and is being rewritten I don't want to spend
too much resource on it. Has anyone got any comments. What area would best
be addressed to get the most payback.

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