date fields in Paradox 5.0 filters

date fields in Paradox 5.0 filters

Post by Jim Brenna » Tue, 22 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to set a filter on a report to add date [Start] and small
[Active Days] and keep the records where TODAY > [Start] + [Active Days].
I have had no luck in either field setting the filter. Can someone point
me to my error or suggest an alternative to do something this seemingly

1. Filter Accross Date Range - Different Filter Value for Different Dates

Below is simple sample of what I am trying to achieve.
I need to filter out a row if the value ([Measures].[Unit Sales]) for
any of the different conditions for different dates are met.

In the sample below 'set [F1]' filters for ONLY ONE Date using 'member
[Measures].[Filter]' which specifies the different conditions for
different dates (there are only two conditons here for simplicity

I need to filter across the complete date range using a different
filter value specified in 'member [Measures].[Filter]'.


member [Measures].[Filter] as ' iif(
[Time].[1998].[Q2].Dimension.CurrentMember IS
[Time].[1998].[Q2].Lag(3), ( [Time].[1998].[Q2].Lag(2),
[Measures].[Unit Sales]),
  iif( [Time].[1998].[Q2].Dimension.CurrentMember IS
[Time].[1998].[Q2].Lag(4), ( [Time].[1998].[Q2].Lag(3),
[Measures].[Unit Sales]), 1))'

set [dates] as 'crossjoin({[Time].[1997].[Q1]:[Time].[1998].[Q2]},{[Measures].[Unit
set [rows] as 'Descendants([Product].[All

set [F1] as 'filter(  [rows],(
[Time].[1998].[Q2].Lag(3),[Measures].[Unit Sales]) <
([Time].[1998].[Q2].Lag(3), [Measures].[Filter]) )'

select [dates] on columns,
non empty { [F1] } on rows
From [Sales]

Thanks in advance

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