Paradox Engine -> Database Engine

Paradox Engine -> Database Engine

Post by Robert Stavele » Thu, 14 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Apologies if this is misplaced or a FAQ... Now that Borland no longer
sell Paradox Engine (a library you can link into C or Pascal programs to
manipulate Paradox tables) and are pushing the "Database Engine" in its
place, does anyone know if the "Database Engine" can be used for a
bog-standard DOS program with no more sophistication than being network
aware (i.e. the equivalent of a PXNetInit(...))?



Paradox Engine -> Database Engine

Post by Mark S » Fri, 15 Dec 1995 04:00:00

No, the BDE can't be used in DOS.

Mark Ragan
Switch Solutions, Inc.




We have used BORLAND PARADOX ENGINE Version 3.01, to create an application
about 3 years ago. Our customers have been happy using these for a long
Only recently  one of customer wanted to access the Database files, using
standard PARADOX Database to access the Database which is created using
the ENGINE. Although we have not tried this ourselves we, assumed it
should be O.K and quite straight forward to do.

When the customer attempted to open the Files using The PARADOX database
it Prompts for a Password to access the database files.
As we did not use any Password or any password functions when creating the
database files, we are not sure why is it is asking for a password.

We need anyone's expert advice on what has caused this database to prompt
a Password, and how do we get round this as our customer has lot of this
created over last 2 years.

Please note when we attempted this using the Microsoft Queries (MS ODBC)
using the Paradox Driver and we could not access it either as it prompted
for a password.

Please HELP !!!!

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