Page Printing Muti-Page Forms

Page Printing Muti-Page Forms

Post by D.L. Harp » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> I have a 3-Page form. How would I code a Print Page button so that it
> printed
> only the current page of the form instead of all 3 pages of the form?

You could simulate doing it manually with something like:

        sendkeys( "{delay 50}%fp%r%f2%t2~" )

to print page 2 (for example). Experiment with the delay figure. You can't make it too small
or the "Alt-R" will be sent before the print dialog box is drawn.

Note that you can't do action(DataPrint) and then a sendkeys, because it will wait at the
dialog box for manual input.

David Harper


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Hello All,

I have a multi-page form (Paradox 4.5) and want to print ONLY the last (second)
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How can I restrict printing to second page of form? I know that's
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