Pdox 5.0 printing

Pdox 5.0 printing

Post by MRButton » Tue, 23 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me why the amount of time required to print reports
increased so drasticly when we upgraded from 4.5 to 5.0.  We are using a
200 Mhz Cyrex processor w/16Mb of memory and a LJHPII printer opperating
over a Windows NT network.
The computer and network have been upgraded since the changeover to 5.0
but it still takes about 5 minutes a page to print full page report.

Any help or fixes would be appreciated.




1. Pdox 5.0 Printing Problems

It seems that our machines running Windows 95 have problems printing
Paradox 5.0 reports.  Normally, if a user (Win 3.1) prints a report
that's designed in landscape mode, the report will print landscape
without the user having to make modifications to the printer setup
(which is normally set to 'portrait').

But for users who have been upgraded to Windows 95, the report will
print out portrait even if it was designed landscape; thus the user
needs to manually set the printer setup to Landscape.

We have many reports which print based on the user pressing a "button"
in a form using the basic  rprt.print("COVRPAGE") type of code.  When
the user, uses this, a landscape report will print portrait regardless
of the printer setup's settings.

Needless to say, it's a small headache and it occurs with HP LJII,
4Si, and LJIII printers.  This problem does NOT occur with HP5Si
printers.  Interesting...

Does anybody else have or know of this problem?  Is there  a permanent
solution?  I'm not sure if the problem lies in Paradox, Win95 or
printer drivers.


Travis Cornes
Systems Admin
RMEB, Inc.

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