Resizable form conversion from Pdoxwin 5 to Pdoxwin 7

Resizable form conversion from Pdoxwin 5 to Pdoxwin 7

Post by Mike Ellenbecke » Fri, 24 Apr 1998 04:00:00

A long while back I had downloaded a file (PI9512DF.ZIP) from the Paradox
Informant website.  This file did a great job of resizing Paradox 5.0 forms
to run at a variety of screen resolutions.  I now want to convert the forms
to Paradox 7, however I need to change some of the coding to do this.  The
information to change the coding, to reflect the 32 bit features of Pardox
7, was posted at one time on this news group.  Any help to point me to that
information would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Ellenbecker


1. Calling a form from a form called by a form problem [PDOXWIN 1.0]


        I'm attempting to program a product/client/job control system
using Paradox for Windows, version 1.0. I've run into a problem which
I can't seem to solve (I can't actually see why it is occurring, so I
can't work out what needs to be changed.)

I have a 'master' form, which leads off into a series of 'editor'
forms. Then, each editor form may/may not call up a number of forms
(set with Modal Dialog Box properties) for input when the user wishes
to search for a field value, or move to a specific record number.

                 _____________[Master Form]_____________
                /               /       \               \
        [Editor1]       [Editor2]       [Editor3]       [Editor4]
        /       \       /       \       /       \       /       \
    (Goto)  (Search) (Goto) (Search)  (Goto) (Search) (Goto)  (Search)

[Name] is a standard Window, (name) is a modal dialog box.

When I run the editors individual, by 'open'ing them, then all works
fine. The Modal Dialog boxes function perfectly.

However, when I call the editors from the master form, and then call a
dialog box from the editor, when the dialog box formReturn()'s, not
only does it close (the editor .wait()'s on it and then .close()'s it)
but the editor in turn is closed. The Master form is conducting a
.wait() on the editor, which in turn .close()'s the editor when it
regains control.

So, it appears that the formReturn() from the dialog boxes is not just
affecting the editor, but also the form that calls the editor, which
closes the editor down.

Obviously, I would rather not that the editor closed as soon as it
carried out a search, successful or otherwise, so my question is, what
the hell am I doing wrong?

Can I call a form from a form thats already been called by another? Or
am I going to have to work around it?


-       Chris.


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