Can't delete table using Utility|delete

Can't delete table using Utility|delete

Post by Lucy Che » Thu, 11 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Why I can't the table which is on my network using Utilit|delete in Paradox
7.  When I do it, I get the error message "Dir or file doesn't exit.
q:\pdxdata\temp.db" . But I can delete the table using windows explorer. I
also get the message "share Violation" when I try to empty the table. That
means that I have rights to erase the files. Then I copy the files to my C
drive. I have no problem.  Is there system configuation I should  check?



1. instead of delete trigger delete data from table using execute and temporary table for deleted


SQL Server 2k has got me confused...below the instead of trigger that
causes all my problems...below the trigger the explanation of my

create trigger [triggerConcurrenten] on [dbo].[concurrenten]
instead of delete
        -- ***** Declare local vars

        begin transaction

        -- ***** Initialize

        select deleted.* into #deleted from deleted

        Delete data from concurrenten table using the below sql
        works perfectly.
        from concurrenten
        where exists(
        select * from #deleted d
        where concurrenten.[id] = d.[id])

        /* Delete using the execute function fails! */

                raiserror('[triggerConcurrenten]: Error occured!', 16, 1)
                rollback transaction

        commit transaction      


In the trigger I've tried a 'direct' sql statement to delete data from
the concurrenten table. No problem at all...but when I use the execute
function the exact same delete statement fails...what am I doing

Thanx in advance for the answer!

Best regards,


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