How can I make Oracle Role Change Work?

How can I make Oracle Role Change Work?

Post by glynn tayl » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 12:05:11

Bentley) writes:

>>Hello all,
>>we are using pdox 4.5 and sql-links 1.0 with oracle 7.x
>>How can I only log onto the database once in a multiform application?  We
>>pass other variables between forms using a library. Pdox won't let a
>>method return a variable of type database!  How do I put to gether an
>>application with multiple forms and not force a user to re-login to
>>oracle becuause every form is using the database!

>>Any hints or actual answers will be greatly greatly appreciated!  Thanks
>>in advance

>This works if you pass the dataBase varible by reference.  Here's an example
>of how you can make this work.

>In your library create a method that every form will call to make sure the
>dataBase is open.

>method initDB(var db dataBase)

>if not db.isAssigned() then


>Then on the open method of each form, before the doDefault open the library
>and call initDB pass in a dataBase varible.  As long as the form is open
>the dataBase varible will be open.


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Thanks Joe, I've implemented this and uncovered a new problem!  We have to
change roles on login, so I have a library login and then execute a sql
statement " set_role write_role with identification idpassword".

The statement executes correctly.  It raises the role of the login to allow
the application to write to the database.  It works from the sqldba command
line, but the Paradox app tcursors returns with insufficient priviledge
errors.  Any Ideas?  Thanks again in advance!  

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You may have noticed that after installing Oracle 8 on an NT machine
connected to the domain, subsequent disconnection from the domain
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ORA-03113 end-of-file on communication channel
ORA-12570 (or TNS-12570) packet reader failure

The default installation for Oracle 8 specifies using the NT
authentication service for username lookups, so when you disconnect
your machine from the network (undocking your laptop, for example),
this service is not available and the connection fails.

The solution is to modify the default entry in SQLNET.ORA which reads:


and change it to


When you restart your server, you shouldn't have a problem connecting
to Oracle when using your domain account to login to your NT machine
(regardless of network presence).  Now you don't have to login locally
and maintain two pesky user profiles anymore!

Good luck,


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