Can an answer table append an answer table?

Can an answer table append an answer table?

Post by Dave Lakosk » Sat, 26 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have a table that tracks attendance.

Date        Name    morning    evening
1/2/2000    John    present    present
1/2/2000    Mary    present    absent
1/3/2000    John    present    present
1/3/2000    Mary    absent    absent

The end result is to have a query and crosstab tell me how many times a
person is absent for that period.    I will not be able to change the
structure of the table any suggestions down that road wont be needed.

So that it looks like this....

name        present    absent
John            4                0
Mary            1                3

I can do this in the MS competitor,  but really want to do it in
What I did in MSaccess was  run a new query on the name and the morning
period and did a count on the morning period.   (OK in P9 so far...)
Next I ran a query on the name and the evening period with a count of
the evening period.   In the second query Im able to append the results
to the first query plus specify that "evening" be appended to "morning"
along with the respective counts.   ( Cant find a way to do this in P9,
yet..)  Then I do a crosstab on the final table and I get something
similar to the example up above.

Any ideas on a P9 way to do this?   I know my route will most probably
be using SQL but some of the MSAccess SQL commands dont work.



Can an answer table append an answer table?

Post by Steve Urba » Sun, 27 Feb 2000 04:00:00

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000 13:19:05 -0600, Dave Lakoske

>Any ideas on a P9 way to do this?   I know my route will most probably
>be using SQL but some of the MSAccess SQL commands dont work.


You can only have one Answer Table at a time.
Rename the first Answer Table to a "Reserved Tablename" like "list".
Declare a tablename to be private and rename to that name.

Using Private/reserved_names keeps the tables in the private directory
(everyone can also have "their version" at the same time

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