Help from Sundial report summary

Help from Sundial report summary

Post by pasaj.. » Fri, 27 Jun 1997 04:00:00

What I don't understand is that I did have the report functioning
properly for two months.  I added a new table to the data model and
screwed things up.  Not knowing I screwed things up, I wrote over the
database.  [I backup from work and take home, then I add info, backup
from home and take to work. And so on. I couldn't get the queries et al
to work if I just backed up the tables like I did with Access. So, I
backed up the whole database.  Maybe you know how I can add records
without having to rewrite all using backup because the tables are too
large to fit on floppy.?]

The data model includes four tables.  The first table (One) is a record
of income and expenses.  The first (many) table is multiple charges,
second (many) table is mulitple roas, the third many really has no
impack on this report it is multiple party info.  To figure the adjusted
income the multiple charges need to be subtracted from the total income
(a calculated field using only the items in the main One table) and the
multiple roas need to be added back in to the calculated field total
income.  Make sense?  It is simple accounting.  It drives me nuts that
something so simple with pen and paper can be so complicated with a
computer.  Should I add a field to sum the charges in the charge table
and a field in the roa table to sum roas?  Again, what is the change I
made to stop the report from working?  IT DID WORK FOR THOSE TWO

Thanks in advance for help


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I finally figured out the first part of the problem of how to clear the
records of a child database when the master record is deleted

procedure TForm1.Table1AfterDelete(DataSet: TDataSet);  (I am not sure if it
should be on before or After but I suspect After)
with Table2 do
while not Table2.EOF do

Now the problem is that this code deletes the ENTIRE Table2, and not just
the child records. I know I have to use SetRange on Table2 so it only
deletes the child records. However, what I need to know is where do I code
the SetRange on Table2???? Would it be as the BeforeDelete event?

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