PDOXWin 5.0 - what replaces folder in PDOXWin 1.0

PDOXWin 5.0 - what replaces folder in PDOXWin 1.0

Post by Donna Manl » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 17:00:13

PDOXWin 1.0 had a folder on upper bar that you could change to open your own
application.  This was easy to explain to the person ultimately using the
PDOXWin 5.0 doesn't seem to have that.  It has a Project viewer, but that
presents so many alternatives that it might confuse the user.  Apparently
you have some flexibility in determining what shows on this screen but it
is still not as graphic as the folder in 1.0.  This is for an application that
an end-user will run under Paradox (not Runtime).Is there an easy way to tell
the user what to do under 5.0?
Donna Manley

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PDOXWin 5.0 - what replaces folder in PDOXWin 1.0

Post by strae.. » Tue, 31 Jan 1995 15:13:41

Just create a new program item.  Pick the title ("My App") As the Command
line put "c:\pdoxwin\pdoxwin.exe -w c:\MyApp AppMenu.fdl Make C:\Pdoxwin
the Working Direcotry for Windows purpose. Pick an Icon and you're off to
the races

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