Importing Times into Paradox v5

Importing Times into Paradox v5

Post by David Sca » Wed, 28 May 1997 04:00:00

Anyone had problems importing times into Paradox v5 ?

I have a comma-delimited text file that I read into Praradox via the
Inport function. This creates a temp DB with fields of type character
and names like FIELD001, FIELD002, ...etc.

I then ADD this table to a table with the proper field names and field
types. One of the fields is a TIME field called CallTime. In the text
file, this field contains time in 24 hour format HH:MM:SS.

When I do the ADD, I get a message that I might "lose data" (because
of the conversion form character to TIME). Virtually all the times
come in correctly. However, I noticed that any time of the form
12:XX:XX gets a TIME value of 12:XX:XX AM. The values past hour 12,
are correctly converted to PM values, and the values before hour 12
correctly get AM values.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to tell Paradox what
formats my TIME values are in, so it does not get as confused.

Thanks in advance.
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