HELP! pdox&IB make mystical seach in update case

HELP! pdox&IB make mystical seach in update case

Post by Pekka Penttil » Mon, 24 Mar 1997 04:00:00

First write data in table with query (primary key values) and next move
just added record (xx_field.moveToRecord(TC)) and then move to desired
field on form (xy_field.moveTo()).

That's OK, everything works fine, but when user feed any characters in
the xy_field start paradoxal event. User get SQL-cursor which stay on
the screen very long time (I think it depends on row counts of table). I
think pdox try again locate or find something from database, but what?

How this behavior can be prevented? It's so frustrating to wait for the
completing of strange search/locate/or something else.

If you know the solution that one, advise me, please!

environment is: pdox 5.0, Interbase 4.0 (on NT3.51 server)


PS: I tried also this kind of code:
query to add new row
field_2 = " "         ; <- and this take very long time (> 1 min)
Table_a has about 40000 rows and about 30 columns