Pdoxwin 4.5/Win95 and Novell 3.12

Pdoxwin 4.5/Win95 and Novell 3.12

Post by John Mas » Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I'm experiencing some weirdness using Pdoxwin version 4.5 on a WIn95
workstation accessing shared data on a Novell 3.12 network.

1) I can't seem to write to pdoxwork.ini.

2) I can't modify an existing query---I receive the message "Could not open
query file". I can however copy the file to another directory, modify it
there, delete the original file, and copy the modified version back.  Too many

These are things I could do until I switched the Win95, which I'm convinced is
packed with feel good subliminals about Bill Gates.  Has anyone else had
these problems, or does someone know a solution?

John Mason


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I'm not sure if this is an application problem or an OS problem, but I'm
installing a five user license server.exe on a Dell Poweredge server, to be
swapped with our 50 user license server.exe once it is up.  I've installed
the minimum patches and the logins, drive mappings, and file creation and
manipulation work fine in DOS, Win95, 98 and NT4.  Settings for both servers
are as identical as possible.  The problem occurs when I try to manipulate a
database file within paradox.  The application reports not enough drive
space.  Script creation is fine.  Editor use is unaffected.  I can even copy
tables.  But posting records and even form and report design is not possible
due to insufficient disk space.  DriveSpace() returns 0.  There is currently
6.20GB free on the volume.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Lorrin Moore

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