Paradox for Windows 5.0, Time, & ODAPI

Paradox for Windows 5.0, Time, & ODAPI

Post by chris baisl » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 15:35:49

Colleagues recently had a hell of a time when trying to import ascii files
which contained ascii dates.  It turned out to be related to a mismatch
between the Windows date format (specified through the Control Panel) and
the ODAPI date format (specified through the ODAPI utility).

The wierd thing is that the ODAPI utility doesn't allow the great variety
of date formats that can be defined for Windows in the Control Panel.  Which
leads to problems...a user may not be able to match the ODAPI date format
to that which is desired in Windows...which then screws up all conversions
involving dates.

Can anyone explain the role of ODAPI, why it cares about the Windows date
format, and why they have to match?

chris baisley


1. Run time development: dBase for windows or Paradox 5.0 for windows

I am interested in developing some simple programs for Windows.
The types of programs that I am iterested in developing are very
well suited to database programming.  So I want to purchase a
Windows database.  I am trying to decide between dBase for Windows
and Paradox 5.0 for Windows.  

I have used both dBase IV and Paradox 4.5 for Windows in different
work experiences but I have no personal investment in either (so
backwards compatability is not an issue).  What are some of the
issues that I should be concerned with and which package is better
at handling these issues?  One issue which I am concerned about is
which of the two has the better run time edition (e.g. size of
executables produced, amount of resources required, etc.).  I
would like to keep one or two of the apps I develop open all the
time so I am looking for the program that will require the least
amount of overhead.

I am not considering Access at this time.  I don't like the fact
that all of my elements (tables, forms, reports, programs, etc.)
have to be in the same file.  I can see a few advantages to this,
but they don't outweigh the disadvantages.  If anyone can convince
me that I would be better off going with Access in spite or because
of this I am willing to listen.  

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me.

Don A Potter

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