DIALOG BOXES: Looking for a Few Good Books

DIALOG BOXES: Looking for a Few Good Books

Post by David Ree » Sun, 16 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> I'm looking for some books to help me build some complex Dialog Boxes
into a
> Paradox 4.5 for DOS application

Paradox 4 Power Programming Secrets by Salcedo and Rudy has some great
examples and tips, but like Steve said, there is a *wealth* of information
in the Cserve forums..

David Reed


1. DIALOG BOXES: Looking for a Few Good Books

I don't know that there are any books devoted to the subject, but there
are *many* good examples of dialogs in the various files in the PdoxDOS
library on CIS.. overall, there are over 1200 files there.. if you don't
have CIS, get the 30 day freebie, download files4x.zip for a complete
file list, then download what you want to look at.. there is no place
else in cyberspace with anywhere near that many files

Steve Green
Corel CTech - Paradox
Diamond Software Group, Inc.
Waldorf, Maryland  USA

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