P4W 4.5 Windows Form->Not Windows Form?

P4W 4.5 Windows Form->Not Windows Form?

Post by Anthony Russe » Sun, 14 Aug 1994 22:30:54

Hi All,
       I need to make a Paradox for windows form appear to be a
non-windows form. Namely:
            No status bar
            No menu bar
            No title bar
            No minimize or maximize buttons
In other words a full screen application.  I have already
gotten rid of the speedbar with
hideSpeedBar()- but after that I am stuck.  If there is another
product out there that can do
this please let me know.


                Anthony Russell


P4W 4.5 Windows Form->Not Windows Form?

Post by Ed Kall » Mon, 15 Aug 1994 15:33:35

>Hi All,
>       I need to make a Paradox for windows form appear to be a
>non-windows form. Namely:
>            No status bar
>            No menu bar
>            No title bar
>            No minimize or maximize buttons

Your best bet would be to use a dialog box.  This will let you eliminate
the minimize and maximize buttons and the window's title bar.  (MDI child
windows must have maximize and minimize buttons and a title bar).  Then you
can hide the entire application desktop, thus eliminating the status
bar, menu bar, and Paradox's title bar.  See the application class' hide
method to do this.

Ed Kallen


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