Paradox 7-32 Patches and Win98SE

Paradox 7-32 Patches and Win98SE

Post by Richard Cart » Sat, 24 Aug 2002 17:25:59

Years ago I read of a problem with the original Win98, which
runs a program called "walign.exe," both during setup, and
also by default it is scheduled to run from the Task Scheduler.
This program modifies all executable files in order to do
something for performance enhancement, but I've read that
it can cause patch programs to fail, since the executables
have already been modified from what the patch program is
expecting to see.  Reportedly this kept the Office97 SP1
from running properly on the original Win98.

I'm finally getting around to upgrading to Win98SE on an
older laptop that had been running Win95c. I know that during
installation it put the "walign.exe" in my Task Scheduler,
and I'm assuming that it also ran it at setup.  Before I
go any farther with additional installations, I would like
to know of any potential problems I should watch out for.

Are there any reported problems with running the Paradox 7-32
Patches under Win98SE?

Are there any reported problems of other patch programs failing
under Win98SE?

Did Microsoft run "walign.exe" or something similar, and tamper
with all executable files, in Windows 2000 and/or XP?

Thanks in advance for the answers!
Rick Carter

Chair,   Paradox/Delphi SIG,   Cincinnati PC Users Group