PDXW 1.0 Printing form from OPAL script

PDXW 1.0 Printing form from OPAL script

Post by LMc » Wed, 31 Aug 1994 04:49:04

  Hi, I hope someone can help me out with this.

  I've created a system for a user in which the user can push a button to
create a couple of summary reports and a form with graphs.  When the
button is pushed the script starts up and runs a bunch of queries, prints
the reports using printReportInfo, displays the form on the screen and
tries to print the form.  It gets as far as the dialog box for the print,
where the user must click OK to continue.  I'd like to change that so the
form is automatically printed the same way the reports are, instead of
being opened on the screen.  This has to be a form becuase the graphs are
2D-Summary graphs, not tabular graphs.  Would this problem go away if I
upgraded to PDXW 4.5?  Thanks for any help.



1. Printing forms with OPal

Hello all, I'm using Pdox 4.5 for Windows.

For reasons I won't delve into now my application prints forms and not
reports.  My problem is that when I use an action(menuFilePrint) I get a
dialog box pop up asking for # of copies with OK and Cancel buttons.

The application prints a 'package' of several forms and I want the user
to choose the # of copies of the whole package elsewhere and then click
OK and just have each form load and print without this user intervention.

How can I click the OK button for the user or avoid the dialog box entirely
when printing each form?

I've heard mention of a sendKeys method - can this work. It seems that
once I send the print command, OPal loses control until the user clicks
OK or Cancel.

Help. Help. Help.

Tim Frith

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