NEED: Decompress images using OLE or DDE

NEED: Decompress images using OLE or DDE

Post by YEl » Wed, 13 Apr 1994 23:18:50


I'm looking for a small "package" that will enable me to decompress and
display compressed pictures in MS-Windows 3.1.
I need this package to display compressed pictures which are part of a
very large database stored on CD-ROMs. The database application itself
is written in Paradox for Windows Ver. 1.0 and, therefore, the package I need
should display the pictures within the PfW forms.

Those are the requirements from such a "package":
(*) Be either OLE 1.0 server or DDE server (to be called by PfW).

(*) Decompress and display 800x600 256-color pictures as fast as possible.

(*) provide compression means or, alternatively, use a standard method
(like JPEG) that can compress 8-bit color pictures with minimal
data-loss (preferably loose-less) and by a ratio of at least 1:3.

(*) Use no additional hardware boards!

Please note that the original pictures are of 256 colors (8-bits), and
all of them use the same palette! Note as well that the compression
time is irrelevant (all that's important is the compression quality
and the decompression time).

I'm interested in either freeware or commercial packages.

Thanks in advance for any information,

          Yavor Eliad.


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