Dos4.5-Report/calculated field using lookup table field

Dos4.5-Report/calculated field using lookup table field

Post by Jgor » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 04:39:09

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions.  I found that you should leave
the path name out of the field.  For example, just put [table2->unit
It makes sense since that is the only table it is linked to.  

Thanks again for the help.


1. Dos4.5-Report/calculated field using lookup table field

 I want to design a report on Table1 in the present directory.  I wish to
use a Table2 in another directory as the lookup.  Everything works fine
until I try to place a calculated field.  Here is a simplified example to
the type of thing I'm trying to do.  

Table1 - Master          In present working directory
    Invoice No      A5
    Date              D
    Item Code       A3
    Quantity        S

 Table2 - Lookup         In directory C:\data\testing
    Item Code       A3*
    Unit Price      $

In the report design for Table 1, I place a field for the Unit Price by
first using Field, Lookup for Table 1 abd then placing the field.

I then want a calculated field which multiples quantity * price.  For the
calculated field I type
                [quantity]*[c:\data\testing\table2->unit price]

When I press enter it says syntax error.

Do you have any idea what is wrong?  Can't you place a calculated field
using a field from another directory?  It placed the regular field [Unit
Price] ok, so I would assume it could handle the calculated field.

Appreciate any suggestions from out there.

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