Unexpected Condition ?!?

Unexpected Condition ?!?

Post by Dave Robinso » Tue, 06 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Dr. Brown

Don't forget the command line option.

Paraodox progname  -notsr -extk=2222    etc. etc...

the -notsr does something to help - wish I could remember that long ago

The etc... is not a mistake it's a recursive etc.  :>)

Dave Robinson
Amber Computer Systems Inc.


1. Unexpected Condition

Hello everybody,

I have a paradox application that works good when I launch it from a windows
shortcut. Looking into shortcut properties\program I see
cmd line: C:\PDOX40\PARADOX.EXE s p menu_it
Working: C:\pdox40

When I try to run it from a Dos batch file, or even from Start/Run I get:

Unexpected condition: GP 0000 AT PARADOX:28:12d7

OS is windows 95.
Can anybody help me?

Thank you

N! Xau

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