Help! Secondary Index!

Help! Secondary Index!

Post by Michael S. Hoeni » Mon, 23 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have a database that is 22 megabytes in size... The table contains 55
fields. From our production side running on Novell, the speed is just
fine. But we have just installed a digital 56k line from one office to
our Production office and are running into speed problems. To search a
database that contains 10,000 records in the table could take hours... I
have researched the Paradox manuals to find out how to create secondary
indexes, and have figured out how to create them... Problem is, I cannot
figure out how to *read* them back in.. Borland's Paradox manuals are
very sketchy and do not give examples on searching 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th
- secondary index tables.

For instance, I would like to have a secondary index based on field #45,
and then only search on that index. I know that you have to open the
table on #45 (opening #0 would be the primary) and then search on it.
But what I find is that the speed is no different than if I had only a
primary index - plus, using CLOSESTRECORD and SEARCHNEXT do not appear
to work... No data appears in the fields when a search is done.

What am I doing wrong? Does anyone know of any sites where I can get
some Paradox instructions on this? It is DOS 6.22, using Paradox 3.0
with Turbo Pascal (BP) 7.0 for DOS and WINDOWS. This is a DOS
environment. If you need examples of source code that I've written so
far, please ask...


M. Hoenie


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Using D4 C/S P3, Paradox Tables BDE 5.10 Update.

Also using NT4.0 SP5

I'm having a problem with secondary indexes I created. I created them
with the Database Desktop and if I view the indexes on the local
drive, I can see they exist.

If I copy the entire folder to another Logical drive in my PC Database
Desktop can still see the secondary indexes.

If I copy the entire folder to a network drive, Database Desktop
cannot no longer see the secondary indexes.

Does anyone know why?

Note: I have copied the entire contents of the directory that contains
all the tables and index files

Many Thanks,


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