Creating a Mortgage Form & Report

Creating a Mortgage Form & Report

Post by Steven Bur » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 03:15:29

First, Thanks to everyone who has helped in the past.
I am trying to create a form and a report that resembles a HUD-1 (anyone
who has closed will recognize this as the form that show both the seller
and buyers costs).  The form does not seem to be a problem.  I have a
table that contains the HUD Numbers(something like a part number),  a
description of the cost and a default value(in this case always blank).
I link this to a storage database that contains the costs for each
customer, the hud numbers and the loan number for that customer.
Everything seems to work great.  When I add a customer, loan number and
fill out the storage table with the Loan number and costs, it is fine, BUT.
I cannit figure out howw to get this into a report.  The HUD-1 is set up
like a grid.  HUD#, DESCRIPTION, VALUE.  The HUD-1 contains well over 100
different costs all with pre-defined locations that they need to print
in.  Here is the catch, a borrower will only have a few of these costs,
lets say 10).  I need to place these 10 values, in the correct place, and
leave the rest alone.  The only way I know how to do this is to actually
create ALL the HUD numbers in each borrower record (which will be too
rigid for future expansion) and then define the report against all of the
fields in the borrower record.  To me this seems like a waste of space.  
A borrower with only 10 costs and the other 90+ costs empty.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to accomplish this.  
I am desperate!  I am not a programmer, but somehow got this job!


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