Need help with forms in Paradox 3.5

Need help with forms in Paradox 3.5

Post by Hutnik, Richar » Tue, 21 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I need help with forms in Paradox 3.5.
   I know you can display a single row on a form and use the arrow
keys to flip through the table.  What I want to do is display
multiple rows of the same table at the same time on a form.  How
do I do this?  Attempts by me on this have resulted in the same
row being shown multiple times.

Please email me the answer.  For some reason, I am unable to read
messages on this newsgroup.  Thanks.


1. Need help accessing forms in Paradox 3.5

Could someone please email me and help me out with this...
I created a form I would like to use for a script.  How do I get
a script to view a certain form for a table?I'm using Paradox 3.5.
  Also, how do I enable to the form to view all the rows of a table,
if the table could have from between 1 and 50 rows?

Please email me any help you have regarding this.  I have problems
checking newsgroups, so email is the best way to help me.  Thanks.

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