Where to post?

Where to post?

Post by Brun » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could post Paradox items for sale
(books, Cd's)? I am new to newsgroups but I do not where to post my ad.
Could anyone help?


1. SQL Travel Timetables repost [post post post apology etc]

Anyone got any experience in setting up a timetable on SQL Server.
Essentially, I want to answer the question..........


A timetable will have a Route, Stations and Journeys.
So there MAY be a Routes table(RouteID & RouteName),

a Stations table containing a stID, RouteID, stationName, order  [select
stationName from stations where RouteID=XXX and stID > A and stID <= B order
by order] = Route between station A and station B

A journey could be thought of as a vehicle that starts at a particular time
and travels through stations on a route  so
there may be several journeys in a day [ie  a column in a timetable]. note
that for a particular station in a route, there may not be a journey entry
=> vehicle doesnt stop there. So a Journey table might contain
jID, stID, RouteID, departTime [select departTime from journeys where stID
in (see above statement or similar) and departTime > time A and departTime
<= time B.

Am I oversimplifying the problem or making it too complex, or am I on the
wrong track alltogether. Any help on setting up the table structure would be

It has been suggested that I look at some books by Joe Celko.  I now have
them and am beginning to peruse. (a bit cryptic in places but the Puzzles
and answers book may have something similar but disguised). Any comments.

Paul L.

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