Paradox Engine and Database Framework v.301

Paradox Engine and Database Framework v.301

Post by Hendrik John » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Subject.Paradox Engine and Database Framework v.301
        running in DPMI, under DOS.
        Programming environment is C++ v. 4.52

Hi there !

I want to use multiple tables, but can only open 6.
No Error messages when running from the "ide", instead the program
crashes with a protection error. Running from the turbo de*
returns a nice error ( no more table handles ), and no crash !

Before I used a "RTM.INI", I could only open 5 tables. "RTM.INI"
gives use the nr 6 table, but further experiments har no effect.

What to do ?

Plase send a "code" sample opening more than 6, or some documentation


Hendrik Johns


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In my program (C++/WIN) I use the database framework library from
Borland. After >3100 records (single index, key consists of 9 fields)
in a table with 3.5 format the library reported errors saying
something like "operation on empty table" (rc 105, 89). After many
experiments I found out, that if the table and the engine used the
4.0 format this error disappeared!

The reason I used the 3.5 format was ODBC not supporting paradox
formats >3.5. Is there a newer ODBC/ODAPI/IDAPI or whatever
driver (I only need the ODBC-subset for accessing the tables
from WinWord etc.)? Even in the ODBC v2.x SDK such a driver
was missing! But, paradox without ODBC is useless, at least
for me.

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