Paradox 7 for 3.x?

Paradox 7 for 3.x?

Post by Carol L » Sat, 18 May 1996 04:00:00

Does this new 3.x version have the capabilites to export a report into
WordPerfect with all the fonts and formating intact?


1. Win 95 + Paradox = GP 0000 AT PARADOX:28:1323 -- Leaving Paradox

        I'm getting Unexpected condition: GP 0000 AT PARADOX:28:1323 -- Leaving
Paradox whenever I try to run Paradox or Runtime both 4.5 DOS...HELP!

        I just bought a P120 with 32Mb of RAM and Win 95 r2.  I've installed
Paradox Runtime 4.5 (DOS) from floppy and copied over Paradox 4.5 (DOS)
from my old 486 , both of which I know work on the 486.   I noticed a few
similar requests on the group, but no answers.   I'd be very grateful if
anyone could share any pertinent information that might help to sort out
this little problem.


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