Protection of Paradox tables

Protection of Paradox tables

Post by Sergio Lape » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:42:49

I've to add a password to paradox tables in my program.
My code to a table is the following:

            MyTable->TableName = "table";
            StrPCopy(PdxStruct.szTblName, MyTable->TableName);
            lstrcpy(PdxStruct.szTblType, szPARADOX);
            StrPCopy(PdxStruct.szPassword, Contrasena);
            PdxStruct.bPack = TRUE;
            PdxStruct.bProtected = TRUE;
            Chk(DbiDoRestructure(hDb, 1, &PdxStruct,
                NULL, NULL, NULL, FALSE));

When the table is small (few datas), the process is very speed, but
when the table is big (15 MB) and it has some indexs (for example,4)
the process is very slow.
How can I do that the process is been more speed?

Thanks in advanced


Protection of Paradox tables

Post by Steven Gree » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:42:38

> How can I do that the process is been more speed?

try doing it on an empty table, then adding the data.. it might be
faster.. but the bottom line is that encrypting a table takes time, and
writing to an encrypted table takes time..


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Dear all,

I'm trying to write a Delphi 1.0 program which manipulates tables
in the Paradox format. A question bothers me : is it possible, using a
program written in Delphi, to add a password to a Paradox table which
doesn't have any ? Does a special instruction exist for this use ?

I know how to create passwords for a Paradox table using the Database
Module. I even know how to use, in Delphi, a protected table, using
AddPassword or the DbiAddPassword function of DbiProcs. But to protect
dynamically a table... No function in DbiProcs seems to be dedicated
to this use.

The thing seems strange to me because the Paradox language enabled
the programer to do to such a thing with "Protect", if I remember

A little help would be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

Jean-Marie Jonqua

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